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The Rainbow Appears by Olafur Eliasson, 2010 at the Israel Museum


You are invited to participate in an interpretive art dialogue for groups and pairs online. Shirah curates art pieces that spark dialogue, reflection,and interpretation. We gather to create a shared space exploring the multiplicity and diverse meanings gleaned from the visual arts with others. This process builds community connections.  Art kits are available to groups that elect this option. 

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Exploring Jewish Art + Israeli Art as the shared "text"

Jewish groups and organizations are invited to participate in a dialogue for groups and pairs online. Shirah curates artworks online that spark questions, interpretations, and reflections to be explored together. Havruta is the concept in Jewish tradition of having an ongoing Jewish learning partner. The root of the word Havruta in comes from the Hebrew word haver meaning friend. We gather to build friendships and community through unpacking multiple interpretations and diverse meanings gleaned from intersections between the visual arts and Jewish tradition.

This midrashic or interpretative process builds Jewish community connections through dialogue and responsive art making.  No prior art experience is necessary. Art kits are available to be sent to groups that elect this option. 

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