wisdom exchange Workshops

How do we reconnect in community after Covid-19?
Gather together. Gather wisdom.
Exchange wisdom to clarify our values and learn from each other.

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The Wisdom Exchange Project brings together organizations and individuals in the Jewish community to create a monumental, interactive artwork that reflects the wisdom gathered by Boston's Jewish community after Covid-19.

Is your community interested in:

  • Sharing, reconnecting, and appreciating the wisdom of others,

  • Contributing to a monumental collaborative artwork and wisdom archive.

  • Learning from Jewish historical ethical wills.

  • Cultivating hope after a tumultuous year?

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Partners of the project engage in art and writing workshops led by artist Shirah Rubin to create letters recording the wisdom they have gained during the Covid period and beyond. These letters will then be compiled into an online archive and exhibited (anonymously) in a monumental art installation featuring 613 ceramic jars with the letters created by community participants.


Images: (Above) Dead Sea Scroll jar and lid, ca. 2nd century B.C., Qumran, Ceramic.

(Top of Page) Qumran Cave 4, 

About the workshops

Workshops will commence in October with grant funding covering the cost of up to 12 workshops. These 12 events will be free for participants and partner organizations.

In each workshop, artist Shirah Rubin will use examples of Jewish historical ethical wills as a guide to invite  participants to reflect and record their wisdom so that it can be witnessed and shared through the project.

Organizations may choose to participate in a virtual workshop via Zoom or an in-person workshop hosted either at your organization or at Turtle Studios in Newton.


Virtual WRiTING Workshop

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Up to 16 participants via Zoom

In-Person CERAMICS + WRITING Workshop

Duration: 2 hours 

Up to 25 participants in person

No previous art experience necessary.

This project is funded by an Arts and Culture Grant awarded by Combined Jewish Philanthropies.