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Shirah Rubin is an artist, educator, and consultant residing in Boston. She creates sculpture, installations, socially engaged community-based art and public art. With over twenty years of experience teaching art to adults, high school students, elementary school students, toddlers and families, Shirah has a keen understanding of creativity and human development. As a result, she is able to inspire and challenge participants accordingly. Shirah founded Co-Imagine Arts, LLC which supports leaders, group organizers, and participants in utilizing the arts as a transformative tool for creativity, personal growth, and community engagement. She tailors her unique arts workshops to the custom needs of diverse groups and individuals. 

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The SPACES BETWEEN: Ripple Bowls

These Ripple Bowls were recently featured online by Hazon's The Shmita Project.

Expanse Exhibition online

ATIQ Maker Kollel Scholar-Artisans GALLERY

Visit the Atiq Online Gallery Here

Wisdom Exchange Community Project 

4/13/21 Shirah Rubin is selected as a grantee of the Arts & Culture Community Impact Fund by CJP, Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

Inspired by the ancient jars found in the Qumran caves that held and preserved fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls from 1,600 years ago, Rubin will invite community members to create a grand “Wisdom Jar” containing thousands of smaller jars with the collected written contributions of the Greater Boston Jewish community. She will guide participants to write their letters through virtual workshops and community members will create their own ceramic jars through socially distant art classes. A documentarian, Olivia Huang, will film the creative process and the community collaborations.

Learn more and sign up to be an organizational partner in the project HERE