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Shirah Rubin is an artist, educator, and consultant working from a studio in Boston, MA. She creates sculpture and socially engaged community-based art. With over twenty years of experience teaching art to adults, high school students, and elementary school students, Shirah has a keen understanding of creativity and human development. As a result, she is able to inspire and challenge participants accordingly. Shirah founded Co-Imagine Arts, which supports leaders, group organizers, and participants in utilizing the arts as a transformative tool for creativity, personal growth, and community engagement. She tailors her unique arts workshops to the custom needs of diverse groups and individuals.


Second Time Around  Exhibition will include 3 of my Wisdom Vessels

March 22—June 8, 2024 at Jamestown Arts Center
Curated by Erin L. McCutcheon PhD and Museum Studies students

at the University of Rhode Island
Juried by Dr. Ella S. Mills of the University of Plymouth, UK


OPENING RECEPTION: March 22, 5:30—7:30 pm

JAC TALK The Fabric of Art History: April 11, 6 pm with Dr. Ella S. Mills

Jamestown Arts Center - 18 Valley St., Jamestown RI 02835


Second Time Around is a juried exhibition featuring artworks that explore in their form, content, or concept the practice of reimagining past objects, ideas, and practices in ways that further their meaning for the present and future. This exhibition was conceived in conversation surrounding the practice of donating clothing following the cleaning out of one’s closet during the change of seasons.


This yearly ritual involves revisiting artifacts that contain the complex traces of personal stories and passing them on to new owners who will give them new life. Considered in the context of the urgent need to promote everyday practices of sustainability at the local community level, this deceptively mundane custom takes on much greater significance for our world now. We wish to tap into the implied collaborative and sustainable aspects of this practice to understand how artists are reimagining past memories, materials, ideas, and practices in their work today.



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