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Shirah offers arts workshops and consulting through Co-Imagine Arts, LLC which she founded.  Co-imagine Arts provides organizations and groups with unique projects that activate the creative process  - integrating the mind, heart, and hand. Through making art together Co-Imagine Arts supports groups to better understand their goals and objectives and achieve more productive outcomes. 




Co-ImaginE Arts offers:

  • Co-Imagine Arts Workshops for groups, teachers, and/or an organization’s staff.

  • Co-Imagine Community Arts Based Project Workshops that utilize project-based learning and focus on integrating the arts and social change.

  • Co-Imagine Arts and Creativity Coaching for administrators, teachers, and/or rabbis. We guide participants to incorporate more art and creative experiences into their communal work, tailoring projects to each client’s needs.

  • Co-Imagine Arts Curriculum development and assessment for individual teachers and educational organizations focusing on the visual arts, scope and sequence, and design thinking. 

  • Co-Imagine Open Studio Process guides your organization in creating creativity process workshops.

  • Co-Imagine Arts Engagement co-creates broad and deep cultural arts offerings through developing artist talks, and/or artist-in-residencies, or curating new works.

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